Move to Learn – 10 Gems for the Brain

Move to Learn – 10 Gems for the Brain – Dublin Course Fri 26th May 17

 Move To Learn 10 Gems for the Brain



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Developmental Movement Programme for Children

Move To Learn – 10 Gems for the Brain Dublin Course Fri 26th May 2017


Dublin West Education Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24

This course is for Primary School Teachers and their Assistants.

Please Ring Mary Mountstephen on 01 2444391 for immediate information or click on this link :  Dublin Training Course

In the last decade particularly in inner cities like Dublin more and more children are being raised in cramped conditions like apartments or crowded nursery schools with limited space.

This has impacted on the child’s natural need to move and crawl and explore their new world. Critical brain development steps have been missed that later impact on their ability to learn in the classroom. Teachers now have to face the consequences of these problems making it more difficult for them to teach.

Do some of these problems sound familiar?

Jack: The wriggler who fidgets in class and is easily distracted

Rosie: She can’t or ‘won’t’ listen to or follow instructions

Alex: The verbally bright pupil whose written work, organization and concentration are weak

Holly: The immature, impulsive child who gets into difficulties in the classroom and socially

Ten Gems for the Brain is based on research into how the brain and body work together developmentally. It is a structured programme that works systematically through the developmental stages and addresses learning difficulties through targeting the underlying physical weaknesses in sensory processing.

This one-day international course introduces the participants to the Move to Learn – 10 Gems for the Brian developmental movement programme. It provides participants with the knowledge to run class or individual sessions using the movements, which you learn and practice on the day. The course covers:

  • How a child’s early years experiences can affect their posture, movement and ability to learn
  • The role of primitive reflexes and how their continued presence can undermine a child’s progress
  • How crawling, rolling and other simple movements can contribute to better learning and behaviour
  • Some reasons why the children mentioned above might be behaving how they are and what can be done to help
  • Evidence of improved results in schools after following a movement programme, with case studies and examples
  • Modifications for specific needs/ school populations

It can work very effectively to maximize learning potential and to improve the performance of those students who are doing’ O.K.’ but should be doing better

Other Benefits

  • Switching on both sides of the brain
  • Taps excess energy
  • Better behaviour management
  • Suits children who need to move to learn
  • Overtime resets brain of children who didn’t have enough time or space to crawl as children
  • Can improve writing
  • Can help with Dyslexia
  • Can help with Dyspraxia

The program has been used extensively around the world with exciting results and has been adopted by a growing number of today’s professionals, specialising in areas like Learning Difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers and Physical Disabilities.


What teachers say about Move to Learn 10 Gems for the Brain:


Andy Dalziell: Independent Neuro-Developmental Practitioner and PhD Student at University of Edinburgh

Mary is a committed professional who ensures that her quality of delivery remains forever high and I would strongly urge any of you to contact her for advice and guidance in relation to children with additional support needs.

Prarthna, OT, Sydney
I am the principle Occupational Therapist at Advance Occupational Therapy in Castle Hill Sydney. I use Move to Learn with many of my clients for lateralisation, improving concentration, sensory processing issues to name a few. It’s a great movement sequence that all children can benefit from.

Louise Weavers, Physiotherapist, Thailand
Louise was working with a little boy , 7 yrs old. Struggling with reading and writing and great difficulty with L/R discrimination and lots of reversals with reading and writing. b/d and q/p and then did unilateral crawling for 2 weeks- he stopped doing reversals. He did the crawling for 5 days a week.

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Summary Details:

Cost per participant €240.00 (Incl rescources)

Date: Friday 26th May  2017

Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Certification is provided on completion of all days of training

Click for Venue information:

Dublin West Education Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Parking available at venue. Meals are not included but they are numerous cafes/restaurants nearby.

Bookings must be made in full by PayPal (incl Master Card & Visa) on our website, bank transfer or cheque by Wednesday 17th May 2017 to secure a place OR  Phone Bookings 01 6753522

Cheques payable to ‘ImaginationGYM’, The Elms, Richmond Avenue South, Dartry, Dublin 6

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