Right/ Left Brain Integration

The logical, detailed, directed and structured parts of The Enchanted Forest turns on left-brain activity while the free, imaginative, intuitive and spontaneous parts turns on right- brain activity. The integration of these two activities at the same time allows the child to practice and choose their own elements of integrated learning. This is highly unique and very few tools or activities offer this to children.

Its important to know that brains are not all the same. Take the early research on left-right hemispheric differences with respect to language. For most individuals, the left hemisphere is critically involved in most normal language functions. We know this because damage to the left hemisphere in adults can lead to language impairment, which is often permanent

However, approximately 10% of right-hand-dominant individuals have a different pattern of lateralization; i.e. their right hemispheres or both hemispheres play a critical role in language. Males and females have somewhat different patterns of lateralization, with males being more left-hemisphere dominant than females.

In the domain of reading, brain maps of students with dyslexia demonstrate that there are very large individual differences in the areas of the brain that underlie their difficulties (Bigler, 1992)

ImaginationGYM® does not set out to strengthen one hemisphere of the brain overr another. In fact it is immaterial on which side of the brain certain attributes are carried out. Instead ImaginationGYM® is interested in integrating all attributes so that the individual uses a whole brain approach to life.

For example, someone who is left-brain/ logical may have one or two ways in which they could solve an interpersonal problem. However if they have integrated the right side of their brain/ creative they may come up with several more ways of solving the problem. One of these may be to carry out an action that bypasses the problem altogether so that the problem ceases to exist. From ImaginationGYM®’s point of view, it does not matter whether logic is physically on the left side of the brain or creative is on the right side of the brain. ImaginationGYM® just focuses on the positive outcome.

Needless to say, if the problem solver has developed their interpersonal intelligence (as per multiple intelligence theory) their outcome will be even more beneficial. This shows how the Assisted Imagination Techniques of ImaginationGYM® can integrate these powerful aspects of human behaviour for beneficial outcomes.