ImaginationGYM® in a Clinical environment

ImaginationGYM® can help clinical practitioners in their work with children. ImaginationGYM® activity packs can be used as tools for analysis and diagnosis by clinical practitioners, in a way best suited to their clinical practice and situational requirements. Intended clinical practitioners include

  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Play therapists
  • Music therapists
  • Psychologists

Using ImaginationGYM® activities, clinical practitioners can help maintain the homeostasis between sessions. A challenge that many practitioners face is that while a session with a client may have been very successful, the client is then returning to the environment from which the problem originated. Regular use of the audio program creates a calm and happy place for the listener that they can return to at will. Being able to replace their regular environment from time to time with this calm, safe, adventure world can help boost the effects of a clinical session until the next appointment.

One of the first guided steps of any ImaginationGYM® adventure world is for the listener to “picture themselves” within the story. In their imagination, the listener can picture themselves whatever way they want to, rather than the way they might perceive themselves in reality (i.e. the reason they are currently visiting the practitioner). This suggestion encourages the client to begin taking responsibility for their own healing process.


It is amazing how something relatively small can trigger an opening for something that was substantially blocked. In one instance, after making three wishes in The Enchanted Forest adventure world, a teenager in councelling saw the possibility that things could change and that their life could be better. The councellor said that prior to using the Enchanted Forest audio program, the teen was in a very dark place with no hope for the future.

Another interesting example was a particular autistic child who didn’t communicate at all. After some time working with the Enchanted Forest activity book, the teacher noticed a preponderance towards drawing animals. When he focused his communication around animals, the child actually began to respond and open up.

Adult Care

ImaginationGYM has been adapted to be used as an activity therapy for older people with Alzheimer’s’ and Dementia. This program has been very successful and examples of the many organisations using it can be found by scrolling down on the following PAGE. Further information on the program can also be found here.

A new program for adults with intellectual disabilities has also been developed and is being used now by carers in this area.