Counselling Course

A Brief Description of the Counselling Course

The course gives the client the space and skills to re-connect with the raw self, so they can see their values and skills. There are seven, twelve week programmes created and developed to help the clients through different stages of therapy. Examples are:Counsellors Course

  • Art sessions for unlocking the creativity and motivation
  • Emotional grounding
  • Helping with exploring memories and reoccurring dreams
  • Reflection work for viewing our past and ourselves within the past
  • Rebuilding relationships with others and ourselves
  • Reforming and reprogramming for mind set and behaviour and thought patterns

The course is initially over four consecutive days.  A 5th day is held between six to eight weeks after the initial period. The course is presented by Deirdre MaguireAoHT Member Logo


   About Deirdre Maguire   Deirdre Maguire

Deirdre Maguire is a professional educator, qualified and a very experienced ImaginationGym practitioner. She has been working with ImaginationGym for the last fifteen years. She has been helping develop the methodology by working with special needs children, helping with their concentration, relaxation, tension, emotional control and language. She has also used the methodology with children as a “talk time “ technique for helping children deal with emotional issues, relationships, as  a safe space for grounding anxiety and upset and dealing with behavioural struggles.

As a result of these experiences she started to research the possibility of designing a course that could be developed for supporting adults through addiction, sexual abuse and bereavement therapy. As part of this research she studied NLP, bereavement counseling and mindfulness.

The ImaginationGym courses for supporting addiction, sexual abuse and bereavement is an add-on service and works in conjunction with counselling. Using her experience of the last four years working in the rape crisis centre, bereavement group and with clients with addictions, she is creating this programme to offer as a course for counsellors, support workers, those offering supervision, social workers and those working in this field.