Practical Benefits – Care Homes

Practical Benefits of ImaginationGYM® for Care Homes

  • Between training and materials the methodology is a very low cost solution as an ‘Activity Therapy’
  • A home can be self sufficient in using the methodology without the cost of external practitioners if they so wish
  • There are a wide range of problems and activities that the methodology addresses within the average home such as sleeping difficulties, Alzheimer’s, dementia, relaxation, art therapy, digital media, etc
  • The imagination exercises themselves are designed to stimulate the brain through engaging both the left and right hemispheres and to stimulate multiple faculties through nature sounds, music and special recording techniques
  • The story telling techniques provide further stimulation and provide opportunities for the listener to connect with certain aspects of the story which can provide valuable feedback to carersImaginationGYM can help imrove quality of life
  • Research shows the length of time a participant engages in an activity increases as each session progresses as measured by relaxation, responses and staff feedback
  • A participant can use the material without intervention from staff as sessions progress freeing up the staff for more demanding residents



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