Happiness – Intrapersonal

Creating personal space is a key part of the ImaginationGYM Methodology. It is important for a child to be able to have a balance between themselves and the external world of media and organized activity. A child is not going to achieve happiness through imitating the actions and desires of other but rather with how comfortable they feel about themselves. This is not a philosophy but just common sense. Children are born with talents, intelligence and personality. The Methodology strives to help children connect or reconnect with these aspects of themselves. In modern urban western society media and technology has become increasing invasive in children’s lives. We do not take a view as to whether this is good or bad. We just say it needs to be in balance.  So some ‘time out’ must be afforded to children where they can enter their own personal space.

The imagination exercises are designed to be as non invasive as possible. That’s why we use audio rather than visual, the narrator is trained to be as neutral as possible rather than emphatic like an actor, etc. By allowing a child enter ‘their imagination’ in a relaxed state you encourage the development of their own intrapersonal intelligence and to develop an intuition of what feels right for them amongst the myriad of choices they are confronted with on a daily basis.