Educational Development

ImaginationGYM® is a Methodology for the educational and emotional  wellbeing development of children. Educational development is achieved through:

Whole Brain Learning
The Methodology encourages exercising both sides of the brain (Left/Right Hemispheres) allowing for whole brain learning. Read More

Stimulating Intelligences
We see that children are intelligent in lots of different ways and the Methodology aims to stimulate these intelligences. Read More

Developing Creativity
The Methodology specifically aims to increase aptitude at problem solving and creative output. These two activities very often are included in definitions of what intelligence actually is. Read More

Stress Reduction
The imagination exercises provide for stress reduction and relaxation. The brain learns better when it is relaxed. Read More

The Methodology makes a point of connecting children with nature. Research from the United States has shown that nature can have a profound impact on increasing IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Read More

Preferred Learning Styles
The Methodology helps educators and parents help identify a child’s preferred learning style. Read More

Self Regulated Behavior
Implementing the Methodology helps increase a child’s self regulated behavior which can impact significantly on their ability to learn core subjects. Read More

The imagination exercises help deliver on many aspects of the curriculum. For example The Enchanted Forest can be used for social, personal and emotional learning and nature studies. Read More

Language Development
Higher order language development is achieved through exercising imagination and storytelling. A child’s language development is absolutely fundamental to their ability to learn. Read More

Adult Participation
The imagination exercises are designed for adults too so that they will engage in the learning process with the children in their care. This is complicit with an education theory, The Zone of Proximal Development, postulated by Lev Vygotsky. Read More

In summary the ImaginationGYM® Methodology assists in education by developing intelligence, as a teaching tool and by increasing learning abilities.