How to use

How to use ImaginationGYM®

The term “guided imagination story” best describes how the audio program works. Guided or structured elements, (left brain characteristics), within the story are interwoven in with the free imaginative elements (right brain characteristics). The integration process allows the listener to go into a relaxed state, and bring the positives of whole brain learning into daily life.

The story design allows each listener to initially connect with the parts they feel most comfortable with. A very creative, imaginative child will have no problem with the imaginative free spaces allowed and encouraged in the story but may need to develop more structure in the creative process, which is achievable through repeated use.

A child who has a problem with relaxing and going into the imaginative process will initially like the safety of the instructions and structure available. With repeated use, the child can fully relax and go into the creative imaginative process realising that there is no right or wrong way to be creative! This in turn helps to bring in external creativity, relaxation and fun, which enhance the overall learning process.

N.B. It is a gym! And as with any gym, the more you repeat the exercises, the more effective they are.