Why audio

The ImaginationGYM Methodology is completely non-invasive. The audio programs (e.g. The Enchanted Forest) are designed to stimulate a child’s left and right hemispheres of the brain so that they can apply their whole brain to learning, creativity and problem solving. We use imagination to achieve this, which all children have naturally. However we want children to develop their own images rather than to present them with a grown up’s vision of the world. This is why we choose audio. It is the least invasive technology we can use and has the added benefit in that it increases a child’s listening skills which is crucial for formal learning environments. The audio programs are recorded  in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California to the highest standard.

The narrator is trained to deliver a neutral guide free of emotion or inferences so as to minimise their impact on the listener. Music is carefully chosen so that it can relax the brain but stimulate it for a temporary increases in learning ability. This means listening to the story before a study session will temporarily increase cognitive abilities. Sound effects are used to assist the listener with their imagination exercises and to increase their audio perceptiveness.