Stress Reduction

Interesting experiments have shown that students of high cognitive functioning, for example in solving complex math’s problems appear to generate less electrical activity in their brain than their more challenged peers. It appears the more chilled we are the better our brain is functioning. The paradox is that in stressful situations all our senses can be heightened to maximize performance. Think of ‘special forces’ in a hostile environment or students preparing for the ‘big exam’. So, sometimes, stressful situations can also lead to higher cognitive functioning. However stressful situations over a prolonged period of time can lead to cognitive decline and emotional debilitation. How do you get the balance right?

Daniel Goleman in his theory on Emotional Intelligence would suggest that we must develop our critical thinking so that it integrates with both our interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional intellect. That is we must be both self aware (we control stress and not that stress controls us) and that we can interact with our social environment from a place of awareness rather than as an unconscious reaction.

The ImaginationGYM® Methodology sets out to create relaxation as a learned behavior that can be consciously switched on when needed. The imagination exercises create multiple reference points which an individual can choose to connect with and recall according to their preferences, that which best suits them as their idea of a relaxing place in their mind. Practice creates the discipline and self control to detach from stressful thoughts when they begin to become debilitating or impair their cognitive functioning.