Alzheimer’s’ & Dementia Activities Workshop – Nursing & Activities Staff Training

ImaginationGYM® is a healthcare program based on music therapy, relaxation skills, imagination, nature awareness, communication skills and sensory stimulation. It is designed to be easily integrated into healthcare systems as part of existing activity programs.

Benefits of these activities for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care:

  • Relaxation skillsActivities for Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Concentration/Focusing skill
  • Group work
  • Communication skills
  • Word recognition work
  • Behaviour management
  • Decision-making skills
  • Sleeping problems

The activity workshops use a combination of music therapy, massage therapy, visual and sensory stimulation techniques to enhance the relaxation and concentration processes. The workshop creates a calm, quiet and relaxing environment for both participants and staff and can be used in one to one settings and with larger groups.

The course is approved as Category 1 Training with the Nurses and Midwifery Board with 10 credits for registered nurses that complete our training. The focus of this course is to provide in house activities for Dementia and Alzheimer’s clients in care. The course is also suitable for Activity Therapists/Coordinators and other carers working with the elderly in residential care

DAY 1 Course Content

• History of ImaginationGYM – research and pilot
• Principles of the ImaginationGYM methodology
• Activity Therapy Workshop
• Aromatherapy Oils Usage
• Simple Massage Techniques
• Workshop Space Preparation
• Specific Approaches for Dementia
• Specific Approaches for Alzheimer’s
• Evaluation & Feedback
• Support Services

DAY 2 Course Content

• Individual Feedback & Case Studies
• Activity Therapy Workshop
• Aromatherapy Review & Additional Oils
• ImaginationGYM methodology – Left/Right Brain Integration
• Simple Massage Review & Additional Techniques
• ImaginationGYM methodology – Imagination
• Self Care in your Working Environment
• Additional ImaginationGYM method Workshops
• Closing Session

The two training days are spread over 4 to 8 weeks allowing for practical implementation of the workshop during this period. Full support is provided during the duration of the training programme and thereafter.

Visit this link for a full list of scheduled 2019 courses. Private courses are also run for individual organisations that do not appear on this list. These are usually run for 8 to 12 people and are discounted according to group size, provision of premises. Travel and accommodation may need to be included. Please ring 00353 1 6753522 for further information or email  Courses can be run Worldwide. Materials are available in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Gaelic.

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