ImaginationGYM® in the Community

ImaginationGYM® is designed to be a fun activity in your local community. Community based projects are implemented in a similar way to the education sector but with less emphasis on curriculum and more emphasis on creativity, enterprise and fun activities. There is also more time available to focus on developing self-regulated behaviour skills and inter-personal skills. These activities help children develop a strong sense of self-identity and provides them with the necessary skills to succeed in a formal setting such as a classroom. ImaginationGYM® products can be used in a vast number of environments including

  • Crèches
  • After schools clubs
  • Youth centres
  • Scouts groups/ Guides
  • Intervention projects
  • Social services
  • Home Liaison

ImaginationGYM® is designed to fit in with whatever programmes are already being run. A listening session at the end of the day can be ideal for staff and children to relax and unwind before going home.


Training is provided to local community workers so that ImaginationGYM® can be run as a self-sustaining project. ImaginationGYM® projects can also be enterprise based to help create employment in the locality.

An ImaginationGYM® community project helps develop the basic skills such as

  • Listening skills
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Respecting boundaries of self and others
  • Taking action on creativity
  • Imagination

Certain ImaginationGYM® projects have been designed so as to allow the methodology compliment topics such as

  • Digital media
  • Nature
  • Planetary studies

Other areas covered in future products  include

  • History
  • Global awareness
  • Kinaesthetics
  • Sports
  • Story telling/ Drama
  • Geography

We are always happy and willing to work with a community on projects that might be uniquely suited to them, combining local knowledge with the substantial research and field testing we have done over the last decade. It has also been our experience that very often, local third level institutions may provide additional resources and support to your community project.

ImaginationGYM® can seamlessly slot into an existing group or organisation, just like any other activity and is sure to get the approval of not only the children but their parents as well.