What it does

What does ImaginationGYM® do?

The ImaginationGYM® programs are designed to help and assist children with

  • Concentration/ Focus
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
  • Self-esteem
  • Emotional balance
  • Energy Imbalances in the body
  • Boundaries
  • Relaxation


Concentration/ Focus

The audio program encourages children to concentrate and focus on the many details that make up the story. Background music, sound effects, spacing, silences and guided instructions all bring the child into deeper levels of focus. Repeated use of the audio program allows the child to notice aspects not focused on in previous listening, and in this way encourages the child to recreate or embellish the story as they choose. The story can only be created by focus and concentration, but because the child is relaxing, focus can come about without a feeling of being under pressure or having to achieve.


The program provides a structure for very creative and imaginative children allowing them to do something they are naturally good at in a home or classroom environment. Often a child who is naturally creative may feel the frustration of having no order or focus on the imaginative process and this can lead to concentration and behavioural problems. Putting a structure on the imaginative process can lead to a feeling of achievement and completion that can often be hard to attain if imagination is left too free or unfocused.

For listeners who have difficulty going into their creative or imaginative side, the guided and structured part of the story gives a framework in creative imagination building – the building blocks are provided. The listener just has to create something with the material they have been given. This is done in a calm, relaxed and encouraging way and the story has to be created by the child. This may initially be a bit frustrating for some as many children are surrounded by the “instant images” provided daily by television, video and computer games.

Equal emphasis is put on the “guided structured” and the “free imaginative” parts of the story. One cannot exist without the other. In the audio program the listener is totally in charge. This means every listener, whether child or adult, can use the program in their own way to create their own story.


The child is totally in charge of creating the story. The child makes all decisions about the design, story line and characters. This can lead to increased self-esteem. The decision can be made by the child as to when (or if) to share or discuss details of the story with their parent, teacher or with other children.

The child also begins to learn the consequences of decision-making in the overall structure of the story encouraging more in-depth thought and planning to take place before making definite decisions. A child who may appear to be very focused and capable of making decisions may relax more when listening to the program and learn to make decisions in a calmer more intuitive way. Very imaginative children initially may have a problem with staying with one decision and keeping the storyline in order and sequence but this will improve with practice and repeated use of the program.


The program places a lot of emphasis on the idea that there is no right/ wrong way of using the program. When children relax about this, it means that in a family, classroom or group situation they realise that all the children are the same and nobody is better than anyone else. Many children equate self-esteem with achievement, which does not happen with this program. This means that a child with a learning difficulty and a gifted child can both listen to the program at the same time and both will benefit in their own unique way.

Emotional balance

The program is self-paced and incorporates various learning styles. The child does not have to discuss the story unless they wish to. Again, this can really help children to relax and with time, most children will talk about the story. They are free to create a private world in their own mind and this can lead to a feeling of security and safety for children who do not feel secure in their external environments.

The program also allows a child to become sensitive to how they are feeling and identify problem areas in life where help is needed. The program can also be used in more detail by a teacher or school counsellor if they are aware of a particular problem which a child needs help with.

Energy imbalances in the body

Many children are in a state of “under energy” or “over energy” in the body which can be caused by a number of factors including

  • Tiredness
  • Sleeping problems
  • Over use of TV, videos, computer games
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Nutritional and Mineral Imbalances
  • Tension/ stress in body
  • Adrenalin
  • Emotional Stress Responses

If they choose not to listen to the story, you can give them alternatives like reading materials, paper and colouring pencils etc.

The program can help a child who is in a state of “over energy” to relax, slow down and even sometimes fall asleep. This can be of huge benefit to a child who is caught in the cycle of not being able to relax. Many children, and indeed many adults, use the program at home for sleeping problems, and this can have a very positive influence on the school day for the child.

Children can also be in a state of “under energy” through being disconnected from what is going on around them. They can also be disconnected on a more emotional level. The various learning styles and relaxed rules incorporated in the ImaginationGYM® audio programs means that a child will identify with some part of the story and will concentrate and focus on it. This can help energy to balance in the body in a natural way.


The ImaginationGYM® audio programs allow children to create their own internal boundaries in a balanced way. This is done through embedding a sense of respect for your own space and respect for others space in the methodology (particularly in a classroom setting). Balancing emotions and grounding work helps children to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour and emotions.


Many children have a problem with sitting still, closing their eyes, going into a quiet reflective energy and concentrating on breathing patterns in a conscious way. The program design allows the child to relax at whatever pace the child chooses to. For one child, relaxing and having eyes closed for two minutes is an achievement, while it may be easy for another child to go to sleep for the duration of the program. The child can choose their own response to the program on any given day. We call this creative freedom a key component of the ImaginationGYM® Methodologies.

Relaxation levels can be built up over time and parents will find it easy to monitor how long the child can listen to the audio program before becoming restless. Developing relaxation skills in children can have an overall positive impact on the classroom learning environment.